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TCC Reading Circle on Visual Culture

We will look at readings, photographs and films to understand how the visual shape our histories and influence everyday experiences. Whilst the materials will primarily relate to Sikkim-Darjeeling Hills, our study will not be restricted to the region; instead we will seek opportunities for  cross-cultural comparisons.

The idea is to collaboratively engage in a critical analysis of these texts and images; encourage self-reflection and contextual learning, allowing participants to embody their own lived experiences and personal histories into these interpretations. 


* One-month long

* All sessions will be held online 

* Weekly readings and other materials will be shared in advance

* Participants are welcome to suggest their own readings for the sessions

* Discussions will be held over the weekend 

* The reading session is FREE


TCC Reading Circle will be coordinated by Mridu Rai
Mridu Rai is a PhD scholar in Anthropology at the University College London. Her research centers on harnessing indigenous and animistic philosophies as methodologies and frameworks within visual culture. She is interested in investigating photography’s transformative potential in challenging dominant narratives and forstering inclusive representations. Her ongoing project, "How Do I Bring You Home?", examines colonial photographic archives of the Eastern Himalayas to unravel the intricacies of belonging, memory, and identity within diverse socio-cultural landscapes. The project has been showcased at the Royal Anthropological Institute in London (2021-2022) and the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa (2022). She is the recipient of the Critical Collective - PhotoSouthAsia Young Writers Award (2021).

*The Reading Circle is only open to indivduals from Sikkim-Darjeeling Hills. 


Thanks for registering, we will be in touch soon.

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