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We’ve received generous contributions of family albums and continue to do so. While our archive expands, so does our efforts to collect, scan, digitise and catalogue thousands of photographs while simultaneously developing plans on creating public engagements around the archive. We’re a small team and we need your support.

We are looking for people who want to contribute to something larger than themselves, something that will be here long after they and their progeny are gone. A love for the history of the place.

Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks such as –
*Collection of photo albums from the Contributors.
*Digitisation of the photographs – Handling, Scanning, Storing
*Organising the album collection - File naming, folder and metadata of digitised photographs.  

Who can apply?
* Residents of Kalimpong town.
* Interest in photography, archiving and history of the place.
* Who can commit at least 2 weeks for the project.

What is expected of me as a volunteer?
Volunteers are expected to work a shift of approximately 4-6 hours a day (depending on when you are available).
Please Note: Your commitment to scheduled dates is important.

Workspace -
The Confluence Collective,
Below Dharamsala, Baghdhara Road,

Volunteer Benefits -
*  Access to the collection of Collective’s photo-books and other resources.
*  Tips and tricks on photography from the members of the Collective.
*  Meeting and interacting with other volunteers, artists and members.
*  Understanding archiving and researching.
*  Expand your knowledge base about our history and culture through various learning                
*  Satisfaction of giving back to the community.

* Volunteers are unpaid.
* Tea and Lunch will be provided.

For further information and queries WhatsApp us at +91 7407727785.

Apply now 

Thanks for submitting!

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