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Who can contribute? 

  • Individuals who want to preserve family photos

  • Professional photographers who want to archive their works 

  • Organisations who need to digitise and organise their photo collections 


Why you should contribute? 

  • To preserve memories of your family 

  • To fill in the gaps in Darjeeling Hills’s historiography through visual narratives 

  • To effect important socio-political and cultural discourses on Darjeeling Hills 

  • To help promote visual arts in Darjeeling Hills 

  • To help scholars, photographers and other practitioners with their research 

  • To ensure that such a valuable cultural object is not lost to us

What are the guidelines for contribution? 

The Confluence Collective will be responsible for collecting and digitising negatives/slides/prints from the contributor using professional digitising equipments. 

  • The contributor will submit caption/s and/or other supporting texts for the photos contributed to the archive. The Confluence Collective can help in developing the requisite texts if required. 

  • The Confluence Collective will not charge any fees from the contributor for the collection, digitisation and text development. 

  • No monetary compensation will be provided for the materials collected from the contributor. 

  • After digitisation, all original copies collected from the contributor will be returned in the same condition as first received along with a high-resolution soft copy.

  • High-resolution digital copies of the materials will remain with the Confluence Collective as part of the archive and will be made accessible to the public including scholars, researchers, photographers, artists, curators, cultural practitioners etc. 

  • Joint credit will be provided for the material in both internal and external uses in the format: Name of contributor/TCC Visual Archive. 

  • The Confluence Collective and the contributor will have shared copyright over the digitised materials. The Confluence Collective will reserve the rights to use the material for archival, promotional, publication, exhibition and other purposes.

  • It is agreed between the contributor and the Confluence Collective, within the uses licensed in this agreement, that the Confluence Collective may use the material for the following purposes:

    • Publications in any print forms such as books, zines, journals etc. 

    • Publication in digital forms such as the Confluence Collective web archive and other websites.

    • Publication in local and international media. 

    • Curation into an exhibition/s

    • Submission to external projects such as festivals, photography awards, grants etc. 

    • Knowledge and resource sharing with other archives and photo libraries.

    • Sales to buyers (collectors, agencies, etc)

  • In the event of a book published by the Confluence Collective with the collected materials, a new contract will be drawn up for stipulated use between the Confluence Collective and the contributor. 

  • In the event of a sale of the collected material at exhibitions (after all applicable commissions and taxes from galleries), the remuneration shall be shared 50-50% by the contributor and the Confluence Collective. 

  • In the event of a sale to buyers (after all applicable commissions and taxes from galleries), the remuneration shall be shared 50-50% by the contributor and the Confluence Collective. 

  • The Confluence Collective may make minimal alterations to the materials collected adhering to international editorial standards if any editorial requirements necessitate the same. For example, technical adjustments, cropping, colour restoration etc.


For more information on how you can contribute to our archive please contact:



Yawan Rai +91 9002383171
Studio Tetteluna, Nam Namg road, Gangtok, Sikkim



Praveen Chettri +91 9733185815 / Dipti Tamang : +91 9002111004 / Ashwin Sharma +91 7407727785
The Confluence Collective, Atisha Road,, Kalimpong.



Shivam Darnal : +91 9635854025 /
Nerdvana Bookstore & Cafe, Dr Zakir Hussain Road, near Chowrasta, Darjeeling

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