The TCC Photo Archive is growing each day as we work towards our objective of re-telling the stories

of the communities that make up Sikkim and Darjeeling Hills.
Our hope is to build a more representative and inclusive history of our people and places from within.

We’ve received generous contributions of family albums and continue to do so.

While our archive expands, so does our efforts to scan, digitise and catalogue thousands of  photographs while simultaneously developing plans on creating public engagements around the archive.

We’re a small team and all of us are voluntary members of the collective -

all in it because of our unflinching belief in the work we’re doing.


We, therefore, need YOUR SUPPORT in helping us sustain and persist with our archival project.

These photographs tell your stories as much as they do ours.
You can support our archival project through a donation amount of your choice. Your patronage will go a long way in helping us realise this collective dream.

You can reach us at: