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Tse Ten Tashi Family Album

Tse Ten Tashi, popularly known as Rhenock Yap Maila or simply TTT, was the Court Photographer to both the Chogyal of Sikkim as well as the Druk Gyalpo, the King of Bhutan. He also established the first photo studio in the state—Tse Ten Tashi & Co. and later on a franchise of the same in Kalimpong. He passed on his legacy to his son Paljor Dorji who was also a prolific photographer. Tse Ten Tashi first started photographing in the late 1930s after the German Schäfer expedition to Tibet via Sikkim and continued to document the various facets of Sikkimese life for years afterwards.

Tse Ten Tashi archival collection, generously contributed by his grand daughter Dechen Tashi. 

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Sikkim, Bhutan, India, Royalties of Sikkim,  


A mixed family album with black and white photographs and hand-coloured images from the 1930s till the 1960s.

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Ashwin Sharma / Brihat Rai / Praveen Chettri / Shreya Sharon / Prayash Chhetri /Sobit Bhujel /  Yogya Pradhan / Suhail Ahmed


Slide boxes belonging to Tse Ten Tashi,
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